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So you're searching for a new family member. This is a very important and exciting decision in your life. Bringing home a dog is like having another son or daughter.

Family Dog

Watching her grow from puppy to adulthood, and taking lots of pictures and videos of her playing with your children, are truly unforgettable experiences.

Enjoying her occurrences, her intelligence and how she matures along with your family are unique memories.

This is the moment to start building your ideal dog. Sit comfortably and enjoy all the information that I have for you, for FREE.

Here, you will find information on over 100 dog breeds, product recommendations, dog adoption, Cute Dogs The Photo Contest! and more, a lot more … all in one place.

The information contained in this site is a valuable tool that will help you choose the dog breed that is "compatible" with your lifestyle and your family. Dog breeds 101 brings you the information you are looking for!

Selecting the breed of your dog consciously will be a determinant factor of your success with him/her for the next 10 to 15 years.

Let Get Started!, scroll down to see the content of my site.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
(Featured Dog Breeds 101)

The Labrador Retriever is the #1 dog breed in US. His versatility can be seen in many facets, for example, he can be a guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, he can compete in dog shows. But above all, he is a great family pet.

Learn More About The Labrador >>


( Licorice )

November 2012 Cute Dogs Photo Contest Winner!

Thanks to Irena from California for this photo.

Thank you so much for sending your pics, guys!

Go to her Page >>


Table of Content

Choosing a Dog Breed
First things first, there are some important analysis to do before bringing home a dog.

Dog Training and Behavior
Before you begin training your pet, you should understand how a well-trained dog behaves. The first thing that a dog should learn is house breaking.

Clicker Dog Training
The Clicker seems like a simple gadget, but believe it or not, this toy-like device can control your pet!

Dog Crate Training
Dog crate training is the perfect way to start the housebreaking. The crate provides your dog with his “personal” area where he can sleep or spend his time of leisure. How do you achieve this?, I’ll tell you how…

House Training Your Dog
House training a Dog is a process that takes time, following a daily routine and, of course, a lot of patience. I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but here’s good news for you: achieving success depends on you, not on your dog.

Dealing With Dog Chewing Problems
You know what? Dogs need to chew something. Chewing is indeed a canine thing, specially for dogs two years old or less. To put a stop to such a bad habit, teach your dog what he can chew and what he can’t chew.

Dealing With Dog Digging Problems
Have you ever gotten home to find craters on the patio as if meteors have fallen from space? I bet you’ve felt frustrated and upset, haven’t you? I will show you how to stop this behavior.

Dealing With Dog Jumping Problems
Dogs love jumping up at people. It’s a way to say “Hi, nice to meet you, let’s play”. The truth is that it’s not good practice to allow our dog to jump up at us or at other people, even if he is a Chihuahua.

Kinds of Dogs
Whichever your interest might be, here you will get to know kinds of dogs with the “personality” and physical characteristics that make some of these breeds more popular than the others.

Toy Dog Breeds
The breeds included in this group vary widely in type, behavior and size. Toy dogs are popular for people who live in the city without much living space.

Small Dog Breeds
Here you will find the little guys with a lot of heart and courage. They are generally smart dogs, sharp in appearance and character. They are playful, affectionate and we love them all!.

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